Baby Photoshoot Tips and Ideas

Doing Baby Photoshoot is now the trend, especially for new Mommies who wanted to capture every bit of the moments they have with their babies.

Some Mommies would spend thousands just to have good photographs and themes. But no worries to Moms who would like to achieve valuable memories with their babies without spending that much.

Here’s my Tips and Ideas that may help you:

  • Think of a Theme

It could be a fairy wonderland theme, a superhero, a bunny, a pirate, etc. You can think of anything else as long as you know you could pull it off. I did a fairy theme for our niece’s photoshoot as it only requires a wing costume and some flowers.

  • Seek Similar Ideas

There are a lot of people and sites in the internet that you can mirror and give you ideas. Going to Pinterest ( is the best place for me. Why? because you can find almost everything in there, from A-Z tips. Just focus on the theme you are aiming to achieve though.

  • DIY

Be creative. I bought Card Stocks, Cartolinas, Kraft lettering and Card board. Youtube is also good source for DIY tutorials. I learned on how to do paper flowers and other stuffs.

  • Balloons

Balloons were my bestfriends at that moment. You can never go wrong with it. Balloons makes them happy, it will keep them busy and smiling at all times. My niece was being grumpy at first but when we puffed 4 balloons, she just went crazy for it. You’ll see in the pictures.

  • Location

Just like choosing the site for your Prenup and Wedding it is also important to think where you would like to have the photoshoot. I recommend to bring the baby to where there are less people and not too dangerous if your baby walks or run around. I preferred Parks since it would not hurt the baby if they fall down because the grasses are just soft enough to protect their knees.

  • Costume

We only spent for her butterfly wings and the other dress is her old one. You don’t have to spend on so many costumes. Just like what I mentioned earlier, be practical and creative. After all, most of your viewers or friends have not seen all their clothes. Just choose the one that your baby wore occasionally and they’ll never notice it’s not brand new. Besides, babies are always cute even just in their diapers.

  • Energy

You will need a lot of it as there are a lot of chasing, goofing around and making faces just to have their cute laughter and smiles.

  • Photographer

The last and most important thing is your photographer. I asked so many freelance photographers but they were asking beyond our budget. So we stumbled in one of our friend’s page who also ran photography business. Amazingly he was okey with it because he will no longer be stressed out for the props and styling, just the photoshoots. See Mommies on how you can make a huge difference in the price if you are the stylist.


Special thanks to:

Crafted Moments Photography

These are just tips though and will still depend on you. Below are the materials I spent:

Card Stock – Php 185.00 1 rim/200 pcs. (I haven’t used them all, will be used on different projects again)

Kraft Letterings – Php 50.00 each/6 pcs. (can be recycled)

Card Boards – Php 24.00 each/2 pcs.

Fairy Wings – Php 150.00

Flower wreath – Php 120.00 (This can also be done DIY)

Balloons – more or less Php 50.00


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