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Sultana Speaks : The Chubby Girl Inside Me

Sultana Speaks: The Chubby Girl Inside Me

The Chubby girl Inside Me post is personal and serves as an introduction to a series of posts. I was overweight with stats of :

Chubby Girl

BMI : 27.8

Body Fat : 34%

Weight : 69kg

A few pounds more and I’ll be part of the obese class. To put it bluntly, I was fat. With this, I acquired adult onset asthma; easily get weak with the stomach flu; received backhanded compliments and been called names; struggled a lot in finding things that would fit me. As what social media says,”Sa throwback photos ka na lang payat.”

I was having weight issues and don’t like my body at all. I decided to lose weight and enrolled myself at a gym; ate salads and oatmeal mostly; took different supplements; and joined running events almost every weekend.

My weight was erratic and I ended up yo-yo dieting. I was a downward spiral – emotionally, physically and mentally.

December 31, 2016

This was the turning point. I was wearing a black plain safe dress from the last minute shopping trip for the New Year’s Eve Party at a local hotel. I was surrounded with beautiful festive-dressed people and I wanted that option for me. But I don’t and I hated my body for it.

As the fireworks lit up the sky, I did not just make a New Year’s Resolution, I made a pact that this year would be different, this year I am going to love myself.

Yes, I pushed myself the past few months. I stopped hating my body and started loving it. Now listening to myself most of the time and not to naysayers. Haven’t reached at my BMI goal yet,   but almost there. As of this writing, my stats are:

chubby girl

BMI: 22.2

Body Fat: 27.2%

Weight: 55kg

This isn’t just about the revenge body, it’s being fit and healthy. It is about loving your body instead of hating it.

Yes, everyone always has their opinion on how to do it. Yet, have never been overweight or borderline obese. I am sharing this because I am inside the spectrum and it would take someone to be in your shoes when they actually have.

This post series will be personal and suggestive. Every body is different and how they respond in the process. It’s how you tailor-fit your program to your body, age, personality, and lifestyle. This isn’t a miracle, it’s hard work, discipline, and consistency.

Ending this post with the quote that inspired me to keep on keeping on,”Nothing is impossible, only you have the power to sculpt yourself into what you want to become.”

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