DIY Rose Money

Do It Yourself: Rose Money Project as a Practical Gift

Do It Yourself: Rose Money Project as a Practical Gift for your loved ones. I bet your love will not just be surprised but will be happy too as your not wasting your money. I never thought about this project until one day I just had a rush request.

It was for a special day and one of my colleague asked me to do a paper flower made of paper bills as a gift to his wife. Wow! it was not just a sweet idea but practical. We all know real flowers would cost you thousand bucks and will just be thrown away once they wilted.

I hesitated at first as I never did a DIY Rose Money Project before. I am also afraid because I am working with paper bills. You cannot pierce and cut through them, so I’m quiet nervous and don’t want to disappoint my friend too. Though I know it will be hard but still challenge accepted!

Since it was an abrupt request and he had to give it the next day so I just got these materials that night.

  • 10 pcs. 100 peso bills
  • double sided tape
  • 3 real roses
  • Youtube tutorial from Superholly

I thought I couldn’t make it but I did! My bad though because I was not able to document myself on how I did it because I don’t have much time. We were still in the office and I need to finish it so he can go home with the flowers. Thinking of overtime ey? Nah! That was fine with me because I am always happy doing DIYs and crafting stuffs.

So here’s my finished product and the Youtube tutorial I watched as my reference:

Let me know your if you liked it or not and put your comments below.

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