Budget Beauty Makeup

Budget Beauty Buys PART 2

We all love good affordable makeup that works amazingly on our skin. Who doesn’t? We see that you really liked our Budget Beauty article last month that’s why, we decided to bring back another round this month and bring up […]

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Gonzaga Sisters Funny Make-up Bonding

Gonzaga Sisters Bonding Moments: The Gonzaga sisters are one of the cutest and funny pair in the showbiz industry right now. Toni as the eldest, is prim and proper while Alex being so bubbly and free spirited woman. They are perfect […]

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Tips on Buying your Personal Perfume

Perfumes can make a lasting impression. Whether it’s a good one or a bad, it is entirely up to you. Choosing a fragrance that you will wear personally can be tricky and pricey. But if done right, a good bottle is […]

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